A CO2 neutral workplace

NORD Architects are client advisors for The Danish Building and Property Agency in connection with the construction of Denmark’s first public office building built in wood. The project is being constructed with load-bearing wooden structures, resulting in a significant CO2 benefit. NORD Architects has provided guidance to the building agency from the initial phases of the project and will continue to oversee the construction until its completion. At the beginning of the project, we assisted the client with risk assessment, preliminary design proposals and procurement strategy.

The building can accommodate 1,600 employees and will house the majority of the state institutions that are already located in Odense, Denmark, including the Danish Tax Agency, Environment Agency and Social Agency. The project requirements have a strong emphasis on sustainability and ensuring high functionality, where the individual rental spaces work well with the shared facilities in the building. The building is a test project for the new voluntary sustainability goals.

The construction is designed based on an idea of “Design for disassembly”, which means that
the building can be separated after its end of life rather than demolished.


An attractive and continuous floor height increases the life of the building, enabling the building to easily change owner or tenant and thus function. Office space can be transformed for teaching or other purposes within the same constructive framework.


The facades can be adapted to the scale of the given context in terms of retractions, dimensions and projections. This gives room for special functions such as balconies.

  • Location:

    Odense, Denmark

  • Client:

    Bygningsstyrelsen (Danish National Building Authorities)

  • Year:


  • Size:

    31.000 m2

  • Typology:

    Office, client consulting, new build

  • Collaborators:


  • Architect:

    C.F. Møller Architects

  • PPP-team:

    NCC, C.F. Møller Architects, Artelia

  • Status: