Selfoss Care Home
Living close to nature and family

This new care home in Selfoss, Iceland, is a place where elderly live safely in close connection with the surrounding nature and in varied social networks adjusted individual needs and preferences. People are encouraged to participate in activities like gardening, handicrafts, games, walks or bird watching and, in this way, continuing some of the most inspiring everyday activities. 

The building is placed to the north of Selfoss providing great views over the landscape and following the directions of the hills and the river. Organized as two dwelling units the inside spaces are easy to overlook and infused with light that varies over the day and year. Inner gardens bring air, light and the weather even closer and makes the nature more accessible and part of the experience at the nursing home.

Closeness to the nature is a therapeutic way to recover from sleekness, pain or confusion and a way to stay related to the place where you have lived you whole life. 

The spaces and functions are varied in different degrees – going from quiet privacy to social activities, so people have opportunities to choose according to individual needs and moods. 

The materials on the exterior and especially in the private rooms, reflect the Icelandic site and create scenic views that blend in with the landscape. 

The inner courtyards brings light and a sense of community in the nursing home

Construction costs
Selfoss, Iceland
Arborg Municipality, Ministry of Welfare
Nursing home
72.5 mill DKK
3.250 m2
Competition proposal with honorable mention

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