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Spaces for physical activity are places for social gatherings that promote a healthy lifestyle 

NORD has worked on numerous sports projects both as standalone buildings and as integrated parts of other functions. We advocate for an open and seamless connection with the surrounding context, so that local users have as easy access as possible. Through user driven design processes, we test wishes and visions in order to create multiple functions that can support a social neighborhood. 


The shared facilities that can be used for both educational institutions, leisure clubs and individual people, embrace diversity. And welcome a meaningful and sustainable use of common square meters in dense cityscapes.   

It is a health strategy to design places for physical activity, that are easy to access. An appealing urban atmosphere can attract young people or people with modern lifestyle that spend a lot of time at work.  

We design facilities and urban areas that promote a healthy and active lifestyle. 

Our design is co-created with the users to make buildings and landscapes vibrant places. 

We promote open architecture that is publicly accessible and inspires movement and informal activity. 

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