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Straume New Urban Centre
A new visionary strategy for the
city centre of coastal town Straume in Norway

A new campus lies at the heart of the concept of the new urban centre of Straume. The campus is designed to serve as a dynamic hub that brings together people of different ages, backgrounds, and interests, fostering a sense of active and cohesive communities. This visionary concept builds upon and harnesses the existing qualities of the site, taking into careful consideration the surrounding landscape, efficient water management systems, convenient accessibility routes, and the creation of prominent urban gathering spots.


The promotion of green mobility, development of essential infrastructure, preservation and enhancement of the local environment, and the establishment of strong synergies between various functions all serve as the fundamental pillars for crafting an attractive and sustainable city within the region. By integrating these urban backbones, a harmonious and inviting cityscape emerges, reflecting the aspirations and desires of the residents and visitors alike.

The renewal of Straume city centre focuses on:

  1. Synergy between various urban centers of excellence, encompassing democracy, healthcare, education, sports, and culture.

  2. Urban density, recreational opportunities, and mobility linked to the primary blue/green passages.

  3. The establishment of a new city campus that serves as a catalyst for fostering community engagement through public, civic, and private collaborations.

Straume Centre's development embraces nature integration, enhancing the coastal environment with new pathways, scenic viewpoints, and improved recreational accessibility. The landscape showcases the iconic Norwegian archipelago with rocks, water, slopes, and islands.


Straume, Norway
Øygarden Municipality
Parallel assignment, urban design
and development

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