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TEC H.C. Ørsted. Front view

TEC H.C. Ørsted

New dynamic learning environment

Based on a desire to create differentiated learning environments like the dynamic relations H.C. Ørsted described, the building brings the students together in mixed learning spaces, where informal meets formal – and theoretical meets practical. The building is like a network of workshops, learning areas, specified classrooms and areas that function as knowledge communities. 

Nature is weaved into the building structure as a reminder of the scientific, fascinating and inspiring phenomenons that plants, light, climate, air surround us with. There is always a reciprocity between things, elements and movements and surroundings.  

The client visions for the technical new high school building was that it should reflect the spirit of the great Danish scientist H.C. Ørsted and the thoughts he had about magnetism, movements and nature. 

The proposal we developed was unfolded as an educational campus or environment for studying, learning, experimenting, testing, meeting and investigating. Instead of designing a bold signature, the concept was aligned with the approach to science, art, culture and nature - as a general formation and modern way to view the world around us as well as a method for learning. 

H. C. Ørsted Lyngby Campus
Construction costs
Lyngby, Denmark
TEC, Technical Education Center
150 mill DKK
CG Jensen, MOE
Competition proposal
Cross-section TEC Lyngby
Tec 7.jpg
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