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The CO2 saving workspace
Timber office buildings offer companies and organisations a low-co2 solution to space

Trees absorb and keep CO2 as they grow, which makes wood, as a building material, a negative carbon footprint-material. During the life of the building new forests can replace the wood used for construction, thereby absorbing new CO2. In addition, wooden buildings have a positive impact on the construction process, allows for more recycling of the material and has a positive effect on the indoor climate.


The construction industry accounts for approximately 40% of Denmark’s total C02 emissions, and the climate impact from building materials and the construction process represents a larger proportion than the operation. The primary cause is currently the use of concrete and steel.

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Today wood make up at least 8% of the total building materials used. Every year, up to 200,000 m2 of commercial buildings constructed in Denmark where conventional building materials are approx. 90% of the construction.

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If we could transform our construction industry into using timber more than any other building material, it would create entire new forests, new standards for working environments and new production companies.

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Through sustainable production of the building’s load-bearing elements, the construction contributes to a change to more climate-friendly measures. The elements are made from locally forested wood and they are assembled quickly at the construction site.


Production chain

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Thinking of the building in a physical and social context contributes to social sustainability and stimulation of the local area. Green spaces increase the local value for the benefit of both the corporation and the local community.

An investigation into a circular shaped building led to a glass facade, that changes character when it absorbes different light conditions over time.

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