Olsrød Nursing Home in Tønsberg

A nursing home for people with demetia

02 Farvede huse.jpg

Arranged around a series of courtyards, the nursing home becomes not only a protected environment for its residents but, due to the gradient of public access, also an active place for the citizens of the local community, encouraging interaction between generations. The common houses are located around the main entrance courtyard, creating the notion of a small town square. By spitting the volume up into smaller units, and maintaining a height of two stories, we create a complex with a human scale, which together with differentiating the buildings in color and shape, significantly helps wayfinding for people with cognitive disabilities.

All the housing units have outdoor access though their common spaces, and the layout is developed with a focus on dementia, where all the resident’s rooms face the

common rooms rather than a corridor. All circulation spaces are thought of as loops of various sizes, to enable physical movement without getting lost of running into a dead end. 

The to clusters share common and service functions and are connected at two levels to create the logistic functionality of one building.

The rational building volume makes perfect conditions for the use of prefabricated CLT – elements.

Resulting in a nursing home there the choice of materials and focus on sustainability brings a better inner climate and therefore a better environment to work and live in.


The Alzheimers project explores the integration of courtyards and landscape into the different zones of the facility  

Tønsberg; Norway
Tønsberg Municipality
Healthcare centre
12.000 m2
3RW Arkitekter
Competition proposal