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Business City Trelleborg
An ambitious urban development project

NORD has developed a vision for a new urban district in Trelleborg's most important development area, together with BSK Arkitekter and ÅF. The project is one of three proposals that the municipality will include in their ongoing work for development in the area.

The proposal, "From Business Center to Business City," connects the industrial area and the port into an accessible and eventful city district. The potentials of the coastal setting are fully utilized by mixing urban and landscape qualities with business initiatives. Trelleborg's location in one of Europe's most expansive regions, becomes a catalyst for new coexistence and collaborations within logistics, innovative entrepreneurship, education and research.

The project is divided into different scales: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large. L and XL are industries that require heavy traffic and are placed in the north of the area, thus freeing up an extensive area for S and M activities: local trains, bicycles and pedestrians. Car-free zones are established with exciting meeting places and activities. During the development period, temporary and interchangeable activities will inhabit some of the space, for example flea markets, drive-in cinema, concerts, public events and outdoor sports. Over time the temporary functions will be replaced with more permanent infrastructure for housing, recreation and urban life.

An elevated pedestrian and bicycle path surrounded by greenery is the red thread of the project, quite literally, with its bright red color. This sculptural element creates a link for soft traffic to all adjacent areas – while overcoming the obstacle of the heavy traffic. The red promenade becomes a characteristic landmark in the city and clear indication that Trelleborg cares for the people, the environment and the future.

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Business City Trelleborg
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Trelleborg, Sweden
Trelleborg Municipality, Kuststad 2025
Urban development
1.8 km2
BSK Arkitekter, ÅF
Overview Business City Trelleborg
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