Large scale education facility

How 100.000 m2 will become an attractive 
urban neighbourhood in central Copenhagen

NORD Architects has together with Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects, Christensen & Co Architects, COBE and EFFEKT, won the competition to develop the new University College Complex in the Carlsberg area in Copenhagen.


The Carlsberg vision is to create an active and diverse town, where the history of the area is maintained while incorporating principles for life in the modern city.
The winning proposal characterized the referee report as follows:

“With the edge zone as a starting point is planned outside into the buildings, and vice versa are building activities and program thought inside out into the urban space.”


It is the edge zone’s great potential, this proposal explores which is deemed to be indicative of how the coming Carlsberg expansion will happen.

The Carlsberg vision is to create an active and diverse town

Construction costs

Copenhagen, Denmark
Carlsberg Ejendomme
Learning facility, housing, retail
2 bill DKK
100.000 m2
Vilhelm Lauritzen Architecs, Christensen & Co Architects, COBE, EFFEKT, Masu planning, WAW, Niras

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