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Vardheim Healthcare Center seen from above

Vardheim Healthcare Centre
A new way to build public institutions

The Healthcare Centre in Randaberg is inspired by the old type of Norwegian hamlets called a “grend”, where a small cluster of houses create a micro community. The centre will accumulate the various healthcare programs and, with its green courtyards, create a green walking path between the town and the facing hills. With the existing buildings on the site, the center will constitute a unique architectural interaction and an innovative concept for contemporary institution buildings.


The new healthcare facility offers a broad range of different treatments under one roof from nursing homes to doctors’ consultations and therapy. The building measures 12.600 sqm but seems much smaller thanks to a design where the building is scaled down to smaller entities. Each house in the building is built with natural materials and offers a homely atmosphere.


Vardheim Healthcare Centre is a new way to build public institutions. Here people can come to get treatment, to restitute and socialize. Unlike traditional healthcare facilities the building reaches out to the community with several public meeting places. The healthcare centre has the potential to redefine the way we think about welfare institutions in the future. The building contains many health functions - beds, nursing homes, medical consultation, elderly care, etc. This means that the employee groups must collaborate in new ways. That's why we've been working closely with the users in all phases, right from the first sketches. This ensures that all professional groups get optimal working conditions, working environment and work routines. Finally, we will map out which facilities can be shared and create synergies between the various disciplines.

Vardheim Healthcare Centre is built as a community of houses to ensure a varied and exciting architecture, while making the optimal connection between the different functions in the building. A solid base in natural stone connects the houses, which are almost exclusively built in wood. Between the houses a myriad of courtyards, recreational gardens and greenhouses make a green and welcoming atmosphere.


The Healthcare Centre will be built in more phases. In each step, a new building mass will replace an existing building and at the same time interact with preserved buildings. The first phase comprises a carehome, treatment centre and a public outdoor space that will work as a natural meeting place in the town. The second phase is main front desk, staff facilities, activity centre, nursing home, daycare centre for the disabled, doctor’s offices, cafe and other amenities. The third phase is psychiatric center, family and children department, dental center and an additional care take homes.


The project is designed with low-emission materials (especially natural materials) in all surfaces. It’s projected with environmentally friendly energy sources (geothermal heat, own wells). LCC analyzes was made in the early stages as a basis for choice of green solutions and further engineering. Use of LCC in engineering, to ensure cost-effective solutions with the lowest possible maintenance costs.

A new way to think public institutions
Randaberg, Norway. Healthcare center and nursing home
Construction costs

Randaberg, Norway
Randaberg Municipality
Healthcare centre, nursing home
350 mill NOK
12.600 m2
3RW Arkitekter, NODE Rådgivende Ingeniør, Ecologist Christian Mong
Under construction
Randaberg. Overview
Healthcare and nursing home in Randaberg
Open facade. Randaberg
Nursing home
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