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Zedelgem Housing Social Sustainability

Zedelgem Housing

Mixing social typologies for social sustainability

In this Belgian project we proposed housing typologies that mix and integrate different uses, age groups and social classes to encourages diversity. This social housing project not only provide quality apartments of different sizes, but also include a daycare center and a food bank for people in need. The project becomes a facilitator for the local community also accessible for some of the most vulnerable members of the community.

The building volumes are integrated into the various scales of the neighborhood and accentuate the landscape character in between the buildings. The roofs are turned into terraces where people can grow vegetables, try out urban farming or simply chill out during the summertime. The green area becomes an attraction in itself and an essential part of the livability in the housing, providing a place for social interaction and new communities. Here kids from the daycare center meet the local kids while parents and others find places for picnics along the stream.

diagram steps.jpg
3D Vignet.jpg
Situationsplan Zedelgem
20190115_AXO 03.jpg
20190115_AXO 02.jpg
20190115_AXO 01.jpg

Wood - CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) gives the primary building structure lower co2-emission in comparison to traditional building materials.

NORD Zedelgem Housing
20190115 Social Diagram 01-02.jpg

Upcycled bricks from an old building generates a positive CO2 footprint for the housing project

Design strategy.jpg
180619 Axonometric 02 JPG EDIT.jpg
Construction costs
Zedelgem, Belgium
Housing, daycare
13 mill euro
7000 m2
GW2 Architecten
Competition proposal

Social sustainability is achieved by mixed use programs such as the daycare center and the foodbank for homeless people. 

Zedelgem Social Sustainable Housing
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