Agenda: Strategic Client Advising

Committed client advisory based on more than 20 years of experience

NORD Architects provides a passionate client consulting service based on over 20 years of experience as architects. We draw upon experience from a diverse range of projects and cases where we’ve worked as lead- or subconsultant. This ensures that our consultation is always rooted in reality and that we can easily navigate between vision, analysis and negotiation.

During the past years we have been client consultants on several major public projects, including the new Court of Appeal of Eastern Denmark and Aarhus School of Architecture.

We have also advised municipalities in connection with larger vision projects, such as the transformation of the old slaughterhouse site at the harbor in Faaborg and strategic planning for creative areas in Copenhagen.

NORD Architects conducts client consulting that is driven by a creative thinking. We ask questions, challenge, and propose solutions. We excel in the initial phases of building, where we communicate the client’s wishes and needs in both written and visual forms and with quality and cost in mind. Our consultation spans all phases of building, from initial needs analysis to the final project.

Services with client consulting:

  • Concept proposals
  • Analysis of needs and functions
  • Assessment of building sites and properties
  • Construction programme
  • Tender strategy
  • User involvement
  • Process for zoning plan
  • Preliminary proposals
  • Tender documents
  • Prequalification, assessment of bids, negotiation and contract
  • Follow-up during design and execution phases
  • Technical client advising in connection with Public-Private Partnerships (PPP)
  • Tenant advisory
  • Recording and digitization of existing conditions
  • Photorealistic visualisations
  • Economic analysis
  • Risk analysis
  • Vision processes
  • Specific requirements for sustainability

Initial Consultation

As a client advisor in connection with the initial phase of building, NORD Architects provides a range of services aimed at assisting the client in gaining a deeper understanding of their project. This includes clarifying aspects related to size, construction costs, and risks. NORD Architects develops feasibility studies, concept proposals, and assists with tender strategies – often in close collaboration with engineers.

NORD Architects’ fundamental approach to client consulting is working openly and inclusively with the client. This means that we invest in establishing a close and trust-based collaboration, where the client is a collaborator throughout the entire process.


Development of Needs and Functional Analysis

NORD Architects possesses significant expertise in developing needs and functional analysis, both for new buildings, renovations, expansions, and transformations of existing properties across various building typologies such as educational facilities, office buildings and cultural buildings.

As part of the analysis, we acquire knowledge about the client’s requirements and content of the project. We translate this into various products that are based on the project’s financial framework and can be adjusted in the subsequent process. This could include space programs with area requirements, volume studies and more.

Assessment of Building Sites and Properties

NORD Architects advised both public and private developers in evaluating building sites and existing properties. The work includes area analyses, building inspections, analyses of development potential, initial sketch proposals and volume studies, as well as estimates of construction costs. Furthermore, we advise on planning and, when necessary, involve relevant authorities in the process.


Interested to know more about Nord’s work with strategic client advising? Contact Mia Baarup Tofte, partner of NORD Architects, at